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Produced by :

Concept developed by :

Serge Gauthier, Curator
Marie Chapdelaine, Collections assistant

Marie-Claude Letarte, Project director
Katy Crépeau, Scientific Communications Officer

French proofreading:
Linda Giroux

Translation: Stevenson & Writers Inc.

Research for hummingbird collections : Michel Harnois

Technical Achievement : Productions Multimage

Cartoonist: Steve Bolduc

Scientific committee :
Marc Bélisle, Yanick Charrette, Jacques Turgeon

The pictures in the Hummingbird collections section were taken by the conservation division of each of the museums.

Several photographers have contributed to the beauty of hummingbird section. We would like to thank especially: Sam Alphano, Mike Baird, Gualberto Becerra, Serge Beaudette, Louis Carlos, Cassidy Curtis, Yanick Charrette, Hays Cummins, Suzanne Demers, Pete Doviende, Jeff Fennel, Harrison Frazier, Steve Geer, Gwen Harlow, Robert Hoge, Lou Hegedus, Emily Hoyer, Andrew Hurly, Bob Isaac, Ra'id Kalil, Mike La Barbera, David La Puma, Frank Leung, Jean Léveillé, Jack Lizard, Luis Mazariegos, Donald Owen, Scott Page, Chuck Rogers, Adam Tinney, Jacques Turgeon, Ross Tsai, Desert Vu, Beverley Vycital, Richard L. Walkup, Janine White. We also thank all amateur or professional photographers who distribute their works available on public property under the "Creative Commons licenses" on sharing sites like Flickr photos and Wikipedia.

The Musée de la nature et des sciences gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this online presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

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